Its time for a new action plan

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Its time for a new action plan

Time flies by quickly, and if we are not careful, some of the things we once held as priorities could become afterthoughts. In my case, I am referring to the daily practice of writing code. At one time I felt it was so important to get up and do a daily CodeWars Kata. I’m ashamed to say it has been far too long since I have done that regularly. In the same way, my other coding practice has gone neglected.

What is the solution? Should I set alarms? Or calendar events? Maybe a task list? Am I trying to work at the wrong time of day? Is finding time really the problem? Or is it one of lack of motivation? If so, why am I even pursuing this endeavor? Is it a focus issue? Am I not thinking clearly enough to complete these tasks? Do I need caffeine? Am I ADHD? Or do I have some other learning difficulty?

After asking myself many questions such as these and more, I have concluded: 1. I need to try to work earlier in the day. 2. set the alarm to begin and quit. 3. use a task list such as Todoist to keep track of what needs to be done. and 4. caffeinate. I do have issues with concentration and those I cannot do much about except try to establish a routine to remediate the problem.

Sometimes complex problems such as these need a plan of action. This is my new plan of action and I hope to get more out of my time this way.