My Journey Update-Two Weeks In

Two weeks ago I publicly committed to doing the #100DaysOfCode challenge. I am proud to say that I am doing well, rediscovering the skills I previously held and enjoying the journey. I’m using to go over JavaScript basics, the new ES6 syntax, regex, debugging, and more. When I am finished with the JavaScript module, I will begin the front-end development libraries module which will get me reacquainted with ReactJS along with Bootstrap and Sass.

I enjoyed React minimally and I want to learn more about it and become more proficient with it. With that in mind, I am compiling a wish list of projects that I might build with React. Single-page applications are best suited to React and I feel there has got to be a good project I can build to refamiliarize myself with the library.

Much of my confusion while learning React the first time was due to my lack of complete understanding of JavaScript. I have grown my knowledge base of JavaScript in the past two weeks and I feel much more comfortable with the advanced syntax that is used in React. I have come to learn that no matter how much you know, there’s always something more to learn, more advanced techniques to implement, and infinite possibilities to explore. My goal then is to practice what I know, add to my knowledge base, and keep exploring- all on a daily basis.

As time flies by, I realize that if I do not actively use my skills, they will go by the wayside. Sure, the skills are not completely gone, but they become harder to recall. As I get older the things I once did become harder. This is why I committed to the #100DaysOfCode, I am two weeks in and I have learned so much, I cannot wait to see what I can build!